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Workbot- Stop jumping from app to app, get more done from Slack!

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Workbot – Do More with Slack

On an average an enterprise uses over 1100 apps. Different business functions within an enterprise use hundreds of apps with marketing leading the tally with 90+ apps.

The explosion of apps in an enterprise has burdened each one of us. Not only we have to learn how to use new apps to get some basic work done (e.g. checking status of an opportunity in SalesForce), but also we have to jump between multiple apps (e.g. Salesforce for contact info, Eventbrite for registration, Zendesk for tickets etc.) to gather required data about a customer.

If you find context switching, learning new tools and logging into multiple apps counter productive and inefficient, join this product hour to learn how you can build  and use interactive workbot to get your work done faster and efficiently.

Please send your questions and suggestions to [email protected] Click here to register for an upcoming product hour

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