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Workbot message actions

Workbot message actions

Hello friends of Workbot! Today, we’ve released the new Workbot message actions trigger!

What are message actions, and why should I care?

Message actions is a new feature released by Slack. It allows users to perform actions on any existing Slack messages. Some Slack apps already support message actions, but you’re pretty much limited to only actions on those apps.

The new Workbot message actions trigger allows you to trigger recipes with a Slack message action. What this really means is that you can turn your messages into actionables on any of the 1000+ applications supported on Workato.

Use Slack message actions to kick-off complex workflows using your favorite enterprise apps.

The scenario

Let’s say you’re a product manager, and you’re part of a Slack channel called #usability-feedback, where people share issues with the product that they’ve faced or observed.

You want to make sure that the high priority issues get addressed ASAP by your customer success and dev teams. You really don’t want to miss the juicy details in these messages, or worse — forget about them altogether.

Using the new message actions trigger, you can quickly turn any feedback into a Zendesk ticket and a Jira issue with a single click.

Sounds cool. How do I do it?

Check out the video below to see how it’s done!


To use Workbot message actions, you’ll need:
1. A custom bot connecting your Slack app via a custom oAuth profile
2. A Workbot message actions recipe
3. A message action created in your Slack app

Additional resources

  1. Guide on how to use custom bots
  2. Guide on how to use & configure Workbot message actions
  3. Recipe used in video: Workbot message action creates Jira issue & Zendesk ticket

Wanna see more?

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