Product Updates

On-prem file major update 2018

Workato On-prem files connector enables you to build powerful automation around on-premises files. Some popular use cases include:

  • Using on-premises CSV files as medium to transfer data between 2 complex systems, such as on-premises SAP ERP and cloud-based Salesforce CRM.
  • Daily moving of data dumps from on-premises databases – such as Oracle, to file storage systems – such as SFTP.

We have just released a major update for On-premises file that will turbocharge your automations! One prominent change is that all On-premises file triggers and actions now support unlimited file size, giving you the power to do larger scale automation with huge files in an enterprise.

Check out the new features below and see how you can take advantage of the new capabilities.

What’s new

1) New trigger: New CSV file in folder [BATCH]

This trigger detects new CSV files in an on-premises folder, then outputs CSV rows in batch. It can support unlimited number of rows, so you can easily process large enterprise CSV files, such as in the case of ETL.

It also has a built-in scheduler, so you can control how often your system is accessed (e.g run at 9am Monday every week).

Learn more about this trigger in this On-prem files documentation.

2) New trigger: New file in folder

This trigger works similarly to the New CSV file in folder trigger above, but tracks all files instead of just CSV files. It can outputs file contents and support unlimited file size (up from 10MB previously!), so you can easily transfer large files like database dumps to other systems.

You can learn more in this On-prem files documentation.

3) New action: Download file

This new action allows you to download file of unlimited size (up from the old limit of ~10MB!) from on-premises folder. This will also make it much easier for you to work with large enterprise files.

4) New action: Upload file

This new action allows you to upload file of unlimited size to on-premises folder, again up from the old ~10MB limit. Another action that will make it easier for you to deal with large enterprise file.

5) New action: Move file

Now you can easily move file from one on-premises folder to another on-premises folder. Previously you can work around by downloading & uploading the file. But we see the frequent need of users to move files around, so we figure it’s worth building a separate action.

How to start using the new triggers & actions

Starting is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade to the latest On-prem Agent (minimum 2.4.2)
  2. Follow this guide to configure your OPA
  3. Try these sample recipes:

Give it a try, we believe it will enable you to do much more powerful on-premises automation. You can read more about the changes here, and refer to Workato docs as well as Community recipes along the way for some help.