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Mar 2019 Product Release

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Ahoy Workato integrators! This month, we’re happy to announce the release of several exciting new connectors as well as the API Platform. We hope users find more reasons to expand their automations (and recipe count) with the addition of these connectors and start automating more than ever before!

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API Platform update

With the latest updates to the Workato API Platform, you can package your recipes, custom code, Workato SDK, and On-prem SDK in minutes and create robust solutions that you and your clients can use as consumable and secure API endpoints.

Using the API platform allows:

  1. Creating and publishing web APIs
  2. Enforcing their usage policies, controlling access
  3. Securing APIs from unauthorized access and threats
  4. Monitoring, collecting and analyzing API usage statistics
  5. Managing the community of API users

Check the blog post for more details on the new features and the documentation for an in-depth look in how to use the API platform.

New connector: SAP On-prem

SAP is used as a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that helps companies with critical business functions like financials, distribution, manufacturing, project management and customer relationship management.

Integration with SAP has always been a huge challenge, usually requiring complex development and SAP expertise. There is also the added challenge of integrating an on-premise system with other apps that live in the cloud. Workato’s SAP On-premise connector allows you to easily automate processes between your SAP system (on-premise or on a firewall-protected server) and external apps & databases. This is achieved by simply installing a lightweight Workato On-prem Agent on your SAP server.

The Workato SAP connector supports the 2 most popular SAP integration methods: asynchronous IDoc and synchronous RFC with the following trigger and actions.

These actions allow powerful workflows that help automate complex IDocs/RFC with any other cloud or on-prem application. Workato allows you to search all configured IDocs in your SAP system, instantly. The schema will then be loaded and ready to process data, even if there are hundreds of fields within the IDoc!

For a quick introduction to our connector, check out this blog post to find out more. For a more detailed walkthrough into each supported action, follow the Workato documentation about SAP.

New connector: Snowflake

Snowflake is a relational ANSI SQL data warehouse in the cloud. Due to its unique architecture designed for the cloud, Snowflake offers a data warehouse that is faster, easier to use, and far more flexible than traditional data warehouse.

Workato’s Snowflake connector offers robust, comprehensive and high performance that allows a range of powerful business workflows with a myriad of use cases.

The Snowflake connector currently supports the following actions in the V1 release, and users can expect the triggers to be available in the next few weeks.

The use of the available actions has been documented in each of the links above. Watch this space for more Snowflake blog posts in the coming weeks!

Other connector enhancements


New scopes added:

  • Global content manager – Allows admin to search and view files of other users in the organization
  • Admin can make calls on behalf of users – Allows admin to rename other users’ files

To adjust the scopes to your Box connection, head to the connection tab of your recipe or the App connections page and edit the connection. Users can also create connections to the same account with different scopes.


Upsert object action: The Marketo upsert object action supports the upsert of Leads, Opportunities, Opportunity roles and Custom Objects. Use the upsert action to search for an update the object if it already exists or create the object if it doesn’t exist.

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