Product Updates

February 2017 – Organize your recipes, smart integrations with new connectors

Product Release Summary

Platform Updates


Folders are an organization feature that give you the power and flexibility to logically group and organize your recipes. The logical groupings can be based on business function (e.g. marketingsalescustomer support etc.), cloud applications (SalesforceMarketoIntacct etc.), project names (Invoicing automationon-boardingemployee on-boarding etc.) or any other grouping of your choice. Learn more about Folders >

Account Properties

Account properties are named values (key/value pairs) that you can use to define global variables that can be used across all your recipes. Account properties give you the ability to reuse variables, set standards and mask sensitive information e.g. passwords. Learn more about account properties and how it can be accessed in your recipes >

List Processing (a.k.a Array Accumulator) 

A powerful feature that can be used in recipes when processing lists. The new list connector (available in the application selector) allows you to iterate through a list and append new items to it. This enhancement ensures fewer API calls, faster processing and more flexibility for recipes to build and process lists.

 New Connectors

IBM Watson Workspace

IBM Watson Workspace is a collaboration tool that will enable users to create shared spaces where they can ask questions and collaborate on ideas & tasks.

The new connector allows you to integrate multiple cloud applications into the conversations in the IBM Watson Workspace messaging application. These integrations enable a seamless experience for users by eliminating the need to hop back and forth between apps to access information.

On the surface it is a group messaging app but under the hood it is powered by IBM Watson which can process vast amounts of structured and unstructured data/conversations to provide insights and actions through Moments.

Amazon S3

The new Amazon S3 connector enables your recipes to access and move files in an S3 bucket. Now you can build recipes to take action whenever a new file is uploaded into an S3 bucket. This connector also allows you to retrieve the content of a file by using the “Download File” action.


The Smartsheet connector enables you read updates from Smartsheets in real time. You can also create new rows using the new Smartsheet connector. Get started with these recipes for your Smartsheet automations.