Create custom roles with confidence and speed with the refreshed role matrix

Across the years, our users have collectively defined over a thousand unique custom roles to help their team members collaborate in a structured, secure manner across their workspaces.

The new updates introduce interdependencies in the role matrix so team admins with little to no experience can create custom roles with confidence and speed. Privileges are also auto-checked when a dependent privilege is required, making it almost impossible to create roles that do not function as expected.

What’s new?

  • New layout, UI
  • Auto-checking dependencies
  • Deprecated legacy privileges
  • Added new privileges

New layout, UI 

The role matrix now has distinct sections for all privileges to better orient users, especially first-time users, to better understand what all the checkboxes mean. Clear links to documentation for each sub-section have also been introduced so users can easily find out what the privileges can mean if checked/unchecked. It’s also a visual improvement from a single, long table with a whole list of privileges.

Auto-checking dependencies 

The auto-checking and unchecking of dependent privileges is a major change in functionality in the new role matrix. By hovering over each privilege, users will be able to view the dependent privileges in real-time and they will be automatically checked or unchecked according to this logic.

In the past, the role matrix had no restrictions on the combination of privileges, which meant that users had to perform trial-and-error to figure out which privileges functioned with others. They also could end up creating roles that didn’t function properly and this led to some misaligned expectations of what should present in the product.

Deprecated legacy privileges 

We’ve also cleaned up all unused privileges that were added over the years. These do not impact current users.

Removed privileges:

  • All base/pro/enterprise adapter privileges
  • API key
  • Merged OPA and OPA groups into a single privilege

Added new privileges 

In this release, we’ve added the ability to give custom roles access to the audit activity tool. Previously, this was only granted to admins.