Product Updates

August 2018 Product Release

This Summer, we’ve made several user interface improvements that will benefit all Workato users. We’re taking our first steps this year at revamping and improving the recipe building experience and are excited to share these updates with you.

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Recipe floating toolbar

The Workato community has grown quickly in 2018 and we’re seeing many citizen integrators taking on complex integration scenarios, building sophisticated recipes that help their companies succeed with automation.

The implementation of a floating recipe toolbar ensures that users see the tools they need every step of the way while configuring their recipes. We’ve identified the buttons that users need most while in the middle of their 50-step recipe— the start/test and save buttons, so you no longer have to scroll to the top of the page to access them!

The toolbar appears the moment you scroll past the recipe header and is our first step in improving the recipe builder UI. Try it out today!

HTTP connector V2

Since the HTTP connector has been introduced as our trusty universal adapter, Workato users have created hundreds of recipes with it, connecting Workato to any app with API endpoints. The new connector introduces a wizard configuration, guiding users through building HTTP actions.

One of the exciting new features we’re introducing in this new wizard: It recommends a HTTP configuration by simply entering a request URL that it recognizes, making the configuration process efficient and simply magical! Check out the gif below!

The new implementation also validates the HTTP requests and lets users know their API response instantly, without having to run the recipe. This robust testing feature will hopefully make the HTTP building and testing process much faster and painless for users.

For more information on the HTTP wizard, check out this post and read our updated documentation here

Workato developer

The developer page showcases a myriad of applications that have been developed with the SDK. These connectors have been curated by the Workato team and are ready for installation and use. The page also includes useful links to help users get started in creating their own adapters for use and even for listing on our sites.

Visit to find out more!


More platform enhancements

  • Recipe lifecycle management: Added support for shared schema and message templates import/export
  • Files by Workato: New Transform image file action, allows the conversion of image files to .jpg and .png files and image resizing

Connector enhancements

  • Salesforce: New action, get document by ID.
  • Eventbrite: Now supporting Eventbrite Music (with Organization field)
  • Google Sheets: New 2mins and featured recipes available for use


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