Project Lifecycle Management – 1

 Project Lifecycle – Methodologies and Best Practices

The below video contains the product hour session hosted on August 10th to review the methodologies and best practices for working on projects. You can skip to a specific section of the product hour by navigating to individual video in the playlist.


How to work on projects?

  • Review the methodology for different project types; from multi-user team based projects for enterprises to individually managed projects.
  • Build a strategy for development, testing and deployment using multiple folders, multiple accounts or teams
  • Best practices for naming and managing connections across different environments for security
  • Learn how to use copy, export/import and recipe packages for moving recipes from one environment to another
  • Explore the  difference between the methods to move recipes between environments and how to choose the right one for your project
  • Get to know the deployment methodologies and how to manage incremental changes
  • Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve exceptions and schema dependencies
  • Leverage Velocity product best practices for architecture and configuration.
  •  If you are customer, how do you onboard and manage consultants to work on your project
  • If you are a consultant, how do you work on projects for multiple customers.

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