Advanced List Processing

Learn more about how you can format lists for display, search and join, pluck to process a subset of the data pills in a list, perform arithmetic operations (sum, average etc), charting operations on lists and process HTTP requests.

List processing operations reviewed in this webinar

How to format lists for display

  • Useful when you want to send a report using email/SMS or other messaging applications (e.g. Slack)

How to search for specific elements in the list and reference them using pluck

  • How to search using where
  • Using Simple and compound search criteria
  • Using pluck to reference specific data pills
  • How to reference the first, second, Nth value in the list from the start and from the back

How to use arithmetic operations to calculate sum and average

  • How to use sum to compute the total value of line items e.g. total invoice value, total order value etc
  • How to compute average value for a element in the list using SUM and LENGTH

Overview of lists generated by HTTP requests

  • Simple lists
  • Nested Lists

Click here for the example recipe used in the Webinar

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