Introducing our new Salesforce-Google Sheets and Salesforce-Xero Integration

We are excited to launch our two new Salesforce connectors that come pre-packaged with a set of complementary recipes.

Integrating Salesforce and Google Sheets

Our Salesforce-Google Sheets app integration has 5 bundled recipes so that you can streamline business processes by automatically syncing data across both applications and save hours of manual work. These curated integrations work hand-in-hand to ensure a seamless workflow experience- from creating/managing Salesforce campaigns to updating leads and tasks all in one place, in real time.

So what can you do with them?

Manage Salesforce Campaigns From Google Sheets

Our first recipe helps you organize and manage your campaigns and members in Salesforce through Google Sheets. When you create a new Google Sheet, the recipe will automatically move  the data into Salesforce. The recipe is built with the intelligence to search Salesforce for a lead using the name and email address from the Google Sheet. When a match for the name & email address is found in the Salesforce campaign  the recipe will assign the lead to that campaign. When no match is found the recipe will create a new campaign and assign the lead accordingly.

Automatically Sync And Update Data Across Salesforce And Google Sheets

Our second recipe syncs contacts from Google Sheets to Salesforce. When you add a new row to the Google Sheet, the recipe creates a corresponding Salesforce contact or account, transferring the information — such as name, phone number, and address — to the relevant field.

If you want to create new leads instead of contacts, our third recipe will create a lead in Salesforce for every new row in Google Sheets. If you are already on Salesforce and want to update your Google Sheet, our fourth recipe pull a new lead in Salesforce and create a new row in Google Sheet.

To streamline your Salesforce tasks with your Google Sheet, our fifth recipe will create or update a row in Google Sheets every time a task in Salesforce is updated.


integrating Salesforce and Xero

Our next Salesforce-Xero pre-packaged integration recipes help you automatically sync your CRM and accounting information. Manually exporting and uploading data makes you more prone to creating data duplicates. You might even miss some vital information that will cost you more time and effort to recover. With these 6 bundled recipes, you can open up a 360-degree view of your business and make your accounting experience an automatic and painless one.


So how do they work?

Streamline and update data across Salesforce and Xero

Our first recipe will sync Xero items with Salesforce products. Every time a new item is updated in Xero, it will trigger a search for product ID in Salesforce. If the Product ID is not found, the recipe will create a new object in Salesforce. Similarly, the second recipe will trigger an item to be created in Xero, every time a product is updated in Salesforce.

If you want to sync your contacts and accounts between both apps, our third recipe will help you create or update your Salesforce account every time a new contact is found in Xero. Likewise, the fourth recipe will create a new contact in Xero when a Salesforce account is updated or created.

Automatic Invoicing with Salesforce to Xero

You can use the last two recipes in the bundle to create invoices with duplicate eliminating logic. When an opportunity stage is created or updated in Salesforce, the fifth recipe will trigger a search for closed or won accounts and create an invoice in Xero. The sixth recipe will trigger all paid invoices in Xero and update the payment status of corresponding Salesforce opportunities.

Ready for a seamless workflow experience? Get started with our Salesforce-Google Sheets and Salesforce-Xero Integrations!